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Have you ever wondered how the design process works? Though we may be tempted to think that most logos and other designs are the spontaneous work of genius, in reality this is usually far from true. Like all great things in life, crafting a unique and appealing design takes time and effort. It's likely that a design undergoes serious revision or is even scrapped before the final product emerges.

You can, if you want, think of this in terms of an essay. We often are encouraged to write several drafts of the essay before we actually turn it in. The first draft may be a bit rough and just lets you get an idea of where you're going and what you're working with. As you move along, you begin to edit, cut, make changes, and really get closer to the thesis and argument you are trying to support. Before submitting it, you also proofread, check for mistakes, and even enlist the help of others to peer review your drafts before you submit it for grading.

This is exactly how the design process works. The designs you see around you every day stem from long hours of hard work and are subject to several changes and revisions before the final product is seen by the public. One of the tools used to evaluate designs is called a mock-up. A mock-up is a full-scale or other-scale replica of the design you are working on. There are several benefits to having a mockup, as these aids are crucial in graphic design. First, we'll discuss why these replicas are so important and useful, and then we'll tell you about the great mock-up options available at!

So, what are some benefits of a mock-up? Check them out below!

1. Easier to Visualize

Having a mock-up allows you and others to really see what you're working with. Though you may have the idea in your mind or even sketched out, sometimes you must see it as it is meant to be applied before you can really judge how it looks. Let's say, though, you already know how it will look, and you're confident it will look great. Mock-ups are still a great way to let others see the vision you have in mind and get a critical response that can aid you in refining and perfecting your design. This is because mock-ups give life to the images you have in mind, even going as far to create life-sized models. What better way to judge a product than to see it?

2. Save Time

Though it may seem as though you would lose time by creating a mock-up, they can actually save you a lot of time and energy by helping you perfect your design faster. You can think of them almost like a cheat sheet—except instead of getting answers, you are provided the questions before the test. This is because a mockup gives you the ability to critically analyze the product you have before you so that you can come to the correct answer quickly. It also gives you the ability to bounce your ideas off someone else and get outside opinions for questions that you don't know how to answer. This makes mock-ups an incredibly useful tool for saving time in making your design.

3. Cost Efficient

It goes without saying that if your design takes less time to make, it will also lead to reduced costs in the long run. However, there is another great benefit to having your design produced more quickly. The quicker you have your design, the quicker you can use it on your products, giving you a chance to get your brand name out there faster than you ever thought possible! So, now that we all better understand the uses and importance of mock-ups in design, it's time to talk about the great selection of mock-ups available over at This great website has a wide variety of different mock-ups, giving you the freedom to choose from many different designs. For example, we offer different mock-ups for logos, iPhone background designs, computer monitors, and many more!

With five different logo mock-ups, you can choose from a variety of different textures, including: leather, fabric, and wood! Whatever your preference, we're sure to have something that suits your needs! With our easy-to-customize options, you are certain to find something you enjoy!
But, it doesn't end there! We offer more than just logo mockups. We also offer designs for iPhones and computer monitors. This reflects not only the diverse range of products offered, but also the knowledge and expertise of our staff. Whatever your needs, our team surely has a design that works for you—even if it's not your logo. In fact, it doesn't even have to be business-motivated.

Like all mock-ups, our mock-ups give you the ability to see and test a design before you ever use it! We make this process easier by giving you a list of every color used in the creation of the mock-up, so you can have as much knowledge as you need to truly customize and transform a mock-up into your own custom design. With a free download, you can see both the mock-up and access the file. Don't wait! You can join hundreds of other users who have already downloaded and received our top-quality mock-ups. In short, having a great mock-up is one of the best things you can do when preparing the design for your brand. Because designs are so important, you must make sure that you take every step to ensure that you have a design that represents you and your company, as well as your core values. What's more, however, your design must be engaging and get you out to as many people as possible. Our designs can do that and more! With a great series of mock-ups that gives you the flexibility you deserve in planning your design, has everything that you need to get started with great graphics today!


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